• Microbiome Stress Project

    We have joined researchers at Duke University, the University of New Hampshire, and Montana State University to conduct a large-scale meta-analysis of how environmental stressors impact microbial communities. Prior surveys, like the Earth and Human Microbiome Projects, have established a baseline for healthy ecosystems across the planet. The Microbiome Stress Project will focus on ecological resistance and resilience of natural microbial communities to disturbances. The meta-analysis encompasses hundreds of studies…

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  • 100K Wellness Project

    We are partnering with Arivale to collect dense, dynamic data clouds from 100,000 people over the next several years. This large cross-disciplinary endeavor, called the 100K Wellness Project, spans multiple labs at ISB. We will integrate measurements of human physiology, immune function, and diet with measurements of the composition and functional potential of the gut microbiome. By tracking people undergoing wellness-coaching, we will build a set of hypotheses for how shifts…

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  • The Macaque Microbiome

    The Gibbons Lab has established a collaboration with Dr. Adam Ericson at Emory University and the Yerkes National Primate Research Center to study how the macaque microbiome develops from birth to adulthood. We will track hundreds of animals from the first few days of life into adulthood. This is an exciting opportunity to watch how individual microbiomes develop and establish across many individuals over time. We will have two main…

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